Terms of Hire

How we price private functions


We always try and have two baristas in attendance (usually Tony & Angela!) for ease of setup and breakdown and for health and safety. We charge each barista out at £15 per hour inclusive.

Consumables (coffee, tea, milk, cups, lids, ice, and so on)

We charge a fixed minimum price depending on the number of guests and how many drinks we might reasonably expect to serve, with an additional cost per drink for any extras.

For example, if there are going to be 100 guests over a 3 hour period, we might expect to serve 75 drinks, so we would add a drinks charge of £150 (£2 per drink). If we end up serving more than 75 drinks we would charge an additional £1 per drink, either to your guests at point of service, or to yourselves at the end.


We calculate travel costs from SP8 5ET at 40p per mile including the return journey.


Deposits are 100% refundable if claimed prior to 30 days before the event date

Deposits are non-refundable within 30 days of the event date

A deposit must be placed to secure your event date and pricing agreement

Final Payment

Payments / deposits are preferred via bank transfer although cash payments are acceptable either before the event or before the start of the event.

Bank Details

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Final payment in full is normally due one week prior to your event.

Finance charges will be applied to payments made more than 30 days after your event.

Charity Functions

Where we are asked to attend charity functions, including those organised by schools and the like, we are happy to agree a percentage donation based on takings. If the number of guests attending the event turns out to be lower than expected for whatever reason we reserve the right to withhold the first £100 - £150 inclusive to cover our costs with this amount to be confirmed.

Functions with a pitch fee

Where we are asked to attend functions and pay a pitch fee to attend, if the number of guests attending the event turns out to be lower than stated for whatever reason we reserve the right to request a refund in value of no less than 50% inclusive of the pitch fee to cover our costs. Please note it is unlikely that we will attend events where there is a pitch fee and a percentage donation required (remember we are trying to make a living here too, and after paying your fees, that tax man, insurances, inspections, consumables, and more, we have to believe we are doing it for more than just the sheer fun of it).

Guest Count

An accurate guest count is required from the client to ensure we are properly prepared and able to accommodate your guests

The provisions we bring (coffee, tea, milk, cups etc) are determined by the clients guest count

Your minimum guest count is due 30 days prior to your event abnd we are unable to reduce the guest count within 7 days of the event

Additional guests on the day may or may not be accommodated

Special Dietary Requirements

We will always try to accommodate guests with special dietary requirements and will take the necessary precautions to avoid cross contamination whenever possible

Special dietary needs must be confirmed in advance to ensure our ability to accommodate

It is the client and guest responsibility to let us know about any allergies and dietary preferences


Event times must be confirmed at least 7 days prior to the event date

When serving from our vehicle we require a minimum of 60 minutes setup time from the time we reach our pitch and the same to breakdown. When setting up our bamboo stand we require an additional 60 minutes setup and breakdown and need to be able to access the pitch with our vehicle which can then be relocated during the event.

Cancellation by Client

You may cancel your booking for a full refund with a minimum of 30 days notice.

Events cancelled within 30 days of the event date will receive no refund

Force Majeure

If we are unable to provide our service due to things like (but not limited to); illness, vehicle breakdown, traffic delays, equipment problems; we will refund your deposit and payment in full.


Our vehicle is heavy and is likely to cause damage to grass, borders and possibly to paved areas and the like. Please organise the necessary precautions if you feel this is likely.

If we damage other items during movement of our vehicle at your event we will refer these to our insurers.


We are members of the Nationwide Caterers Association and we hold up-to-date public liability insurance and regularly maintain our equipment for PSSR, gas safety and electrical safety. Please request our latest documents prior to your event.

Duties of the Client

You agree to provide suitable contracted venue / facility for us to perform our duties required for the number of guest expected.

You agree to arrange for, or personally provide access to said venue / facility to accommodate the reasonable set-up and preparation prior to the event.

You acknowledge responsibility for any and all liability arising from the use of the above venue / facility, that is not a direct result of the our activities.

You agree to full responsibility of all financial arrangements provided for above.

You agree that a reversal on a credit card charge will not be allowed, and that if reversal does occur you are liable for 2 times the originally charged amount, as well as any chargeback fees and all other costs incurred by us, including but not limited to, collection of the debt, bank charges, etc.


Failure of either us or you to comply with the agreements set forth in this agreement shall make the party liable for damages to the affected party. Any claim by either party for such damages shall be presented in writing to the other party within 14 days past the event date. Both parties agree to obtain an arbitrator or mediator should a dispute arise.

- end -


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