Our Approach

When we were looking for the best way to deliver our coffee and food, we scoured the country (and Europe) for the best solution... An old van? A trailer ? A horsebox ? It had all been done before.

Our Solution

We wanted to be sustainable, without being silly about it. So bamboo was the natural choice for the structure, with LPG the most sensible solution to providing the power needed.

We now also have our Big Grey Coffee Camper which allows us to attend multi-day events, or events some distance away and stay on site, so we are on the spot morning until night !

Coffee Menu

We serve the full range of coffees and can tailor to your needs

Pricing if you hire us for your Wedding or Corporate Event

If you are hiring us for your wedding or corporate event, we charge a set price to attend and then all drinks are discounted.

For example, if we are to serve coffee at your wedding or event for 4 hours with drinks complimentary to your guests, we agree the fixed price for the service and then we would agree to serve up to 100 drinks at £1.50 per drink which are pre-paid by you. If you would then like to allow additional drinks to be cgharged either to you or your guests once the pre-paid quantity has been used, we would charge these at £2.00 per drink.


We regularly add to our gallery...

Who are we

A family run enterprise...

Tony Phipps at Bamboo Coffee


26 years experience in the coffee industry as a marketing consultant

Ollie Phipps at Bamboo Coffee


Several years' coffee shop experience, a City & Guilds Barista qualification under his apron and qualified (level 3) tennis coach !

Angela Phipps at Bamboo Coffee


A qualified chef and also cooking the books as a qualified accountant

Harry Phipps at Bamboo Coffee


We'll add his photo, as soon as he's worked on the stand ;-) Now training as a lead worker on the roofs, so not much time for serving coffee

We aim to make the best drinks possible
every time